Consult your vet about motion sickness medication or anti-anxiety medication. When they get stressed they act out in ways that can be very frustrating for the pet parent especially when they come home to chewed up shoes, furniture, broken dishes or scratch marks on the doors or windows. Dog Collars For Shih Tzus – Is A Harness Better? ... especially since she exhibits physical symptoms, and, afterward, possibly a referral to a veterinarian with a specialty in behavior. More Shih Tzu Related Awesomeness Filed Under: Health … – How To Stop It, How To Stop A Shih Tzu From Being Aggressive, Shih Tzu Behavior Problems – How To Conquer Them, Healthy Home Cooking For The Shih Tzu Well Being, What Can Shih Tzu Not Eat? Thyroid dysfunction in dogs is becoming more common. Have a training session every day and keep on trying until she finally gets the sit command. You can’t change your dog’s nature -- he instinctively wants to be with you, but you can help to ease the stress when you do need to leave home. Shih Tzu Health – Thyroid Dysfunction The thyroid has a very important job to do within the body of your Shih Tzu. 1 doctor agrees. It’s perfectly okay, though, if he wants to come to you and be next to you. She will run around the garden happily, but has never been taught any commands ,never been walked on a lead , until I put one on her , I am a wheelchair user and need her to follow basic commands instantly. As you that Toby doesn’t suffer from dry skin, then I think it is likely to be either a yeast infection, a mosquito or other insect bite, a reaction to a chemical, or a seasonal allergic reaction. The frightened or distressed shih tzu will have his tail down between his legs and also his ears flattened pointing toward the back of his head. When you return home, if Obie gets excited, don’t let him in until he calms down and, in any case, make sure again that you pass through the door first. Could this be because he is facing separation anxiety from his mother and father whom are currently on holiday? Thank you, kind regards, Jo. Shih Tzu can make wonderful emotional support animals to reduce stress and anxiety. It can lead the dog to experiencing a panic attack because it does not know how to cope. For this you will need a lot of her favorite treats and a lot of patience. Shih Tzu dogs also have a variety of health problems that are common and specific to the breed. Some dogs hate to be put in the car and carted around from place to place. This is because Shih Tzus are cuddlers! We have tried a squirt bottle and now she will attack it. Then covid happened. Thank you for your comment, I hope that I can offer you some constructive advice that will help you out. If you think your munchkin will bark, hunt and scare … Usually the rule is to punish bad behaviour by either ignoring your dog or isolating him in another room on his own for a few minutes and rewarding good behaviour with treats and toys. Details: Separation anxiety symptoms occurs when a Shih Tzu that is very attached to its owner and is left alone for the first time in the house. The majority of the time, the toddler will end her tears and be fine within seconds of her parent’s departure. Shih Tzu dogs have very large, slightly protruding eyes. Nothing is more important to us than the welfare and perpetuation of these remarkable companions. Do this a few times, then gradually increase the time you are away to five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes, etc. Thank you for any help you can give me. Try to keep it slightly slack. I wanted another shih tzu … She wants up and down on the bed and wants under the covers. More of this in a minute. Remove The Trigger. If you are in a position to take your dog to work, this would be a wonderful opportunity for both you and your dog. At normal feeding time, put Penny’s bowl of food down in the normal place and call her over. Not only this, but I’ve noticed he was shivering too. Separation anxiety. Keep walking slightly in front and try and avoid having the leash become taut. Generations of breeders in the United States have sacrificed their time and energy to … You pup will feel more comfortable in surroundings she knows well. The average lifespan of Shih Tzu is from 10 to 18 years. Ever since we got our dog, he has had some kind of weird anxiety attacks. Couple of problems I have , she constantly wants to lick me , hand ok , but not face . After observing the symptoms of possible anxiety in your shih tzu the first action you must take is to ascertain whether it is, in fact, anxiety or if it is another medical condition. The symptoms seen in dogs with separation anxiety are pretty unique. In these cases, since you will have to consult a vet anyway, you can only act on the advice given to you by the vet. It sounds like she wasn’t treated very well previously. She has anxiety separation, I don’t leave her, we are together 24/7, she is spoilt rotten, I go to Tesco once a week and take her and she stays in the enterance porch with the trolleys and the staff who control the people that enter the shop, they know her, she’s terrible she cries like a baby all the time really loud until I get out, then she stands on her back legs and squeals until I pick her up..l feel it is my fault as I have anxiety and I’m sleep deprived so can raise my voice especially when she follows me like my shadow from room to room and when I ignore her she pushes her face into a cushion or gets as tightly as she can into a corner of the room, apart from all this Penny is very well trained if I take her for a walk I don’t need a leash she stays close behind me, stops when I say, I do think, was someone very stricked with her. As you say, you are the alpha of the pack and this will definitely help with the training. Thank you for contacting Shihtzuandyou with this heart-wrenching query. After examining your dog to make sure the correct diagnosis is anxiety and not an underlying medical condition then he may prescribe a routine of remedial treatment and exercises. Anything that gets him used to loud noises will do. – The Story So Far, Shih Tzu Paw Problems – How To Cope With Them, Should You Neuter Your Dog? If that is not enough, they can easily get into depression. If you know what these problems are, and their symptoms, you will be able to know when your dog is sick and arrange treatment in the early stages of illness or disorder. Not all Shih Tzu experience this condition, but it is noted as common in this breed. Even though they are traditionally a pretty healthy dog breed, Shih Tzu… Consistently rewarding good behavior is the key to success. At best they’re symptoms of boredom and at worst they’re symptoms of distress, which is easily addressed in many cases. This conveys the message to him that you are praising him for his reaction, which encourages him to behave the same way next time. Shih Tzus normally carry their tail over their back. Hello, I have a shih tzu named Obie. She is very fortunate now to have been found and taken on by someone as caring as you. Ask any teacher of young children for advice on bringing a crying toddler to school and you will hear a similar tip -- don’t make a big deal about saying good-bye, just go. It’s best to place the diffuser in the same room as Ella’s bed but not too close to the bed. But boredom is not the same as separation anxiety. Your vet will work with you to determine the cause and ease any suffering the dog is experiencing.. ... Advertising on Miracle Shih Tzu … The 3 most important things you can do to help prevent separation anxiety in your dog is: Coming home to an excited, adoring pup is a great feeling; there’s just something about how warm and fuzzy it makes you feel. This can be in the form of play and some basic training. When you reach the spot, or any spot where Obie just sits down and stops, give him a breather for a few seconds but don’t let him retreat. After several repeats of this, take your hand away and say “no lick” in the same calm but firm voice. These four symptoms may be … And they need lots of attention from their owners to feel safe. After drinking however, the panting continued. As the training progresses, gradually increase the amount of time that you disappear behind the door for. You can do this by saying, in a calm but firm voice, the word “lick” every time your shih tzu starts licking your hand. If she resists, turn your back on her for a few seconds and try again. As always, I urge seeking your vet’s opinion first, but you may also like to try one of the “off-the-shelf” soothing sprays available such as this one in the link below that will take you to Amazon: My Shih Tzu is called Bailey and he is an amazing 14 years old. As I said I cover this here in my next post as I have so much information to pass on to you that it merits its own section. However, when stressed, … Injured claws: Your Shih Tzu might have broken a claw. Then tell him to “come on” and continue with the walk, using treats if necessary. In the case of separation anxiety, the worst thing you can do is to make a fuss over your shih tzu whenever you leave home or when you return. Please do act if your shih tzu does have anxiety problems as one day he may react to his fears aggressively if he feels he is trapped into a corner. She understandably has become even more clingy than before, but I have no way of sending her for play dates. 3 months – 4 to 6 pounds. Other symptoms to look out for can include increased urination or pooping the house when your Shih Tzu was previously house-trained. Typically he gets taken away from his mother and litter siblings at a very early age, weeks rather than months, kept in a box until sold then taken to strange surroundings that are to be his new home, then left alone all day while his new owners go to work or school. If there’s anything I can do to help him overcome his fear id love to know how to make him calmer. ... Generalized tremor syndrome is quite common in small breeds like shih tzus, miniature pinschers, and Chihuahuas. Costs, Responsibilities and other FAQs, Puppy Proofing Your Home | Bringing Home a New Puppy, Shih Tzu vs. Lhasa Apso - Simple Way To Tell Them Apart, Shih Tzu Dog Ate Chocolate - Common Symptoms and What To Do Next. – The Dilemma Facing All Shih Tzu Owners, Shih Tzu Separation Anxiety – how to cope, Best Toys For A Shih Tzu – What To Look Out For, Popular Names For Shih Tzu Puppies – The Top 10 Surveyed, Should I Get A Shih Tzu? However, I would just like to ask the question, has Bailey been eating properly since his parents went on holiday? Depression doesn't just affect humans. In really extreme cases he may also prescribe some medicine (particularly for travel anxiety) to help things along initially or even refer you to a dog behavioural specialist. If she’s not used to this you will probably have to start by rewarding her just for making eye contact with you. Usually, treats are the best way to encourage the behavior you require but as your shih tzu is like my Bruno and doesn’t go in for treats, you will just have to lavish her with praise when she does something right. Most Common Shih Tzu Eye Problems. While occasional symptoms can be normal, it's important to note that if symptoms are prolonges, a trip to the vet … If you don’t want to keep hearing from your neighbors about how your dog howled his head off all day again while you were at work, then it’s time to make some changes. These sounds as much information about his past as you for others, though if! The confines of a Shih Tzu comes in a summary fashion, and it can lead the dog is from! Have an older Shih Tzu health problems is they carry a marker for disease! Pooping the house when your Shih Tzu with an anxiety problem using treats if necessary isn t. Owners to seek the advice of a veterinarian with a period of isolation in another room may whine avoid... Hours to get right the link below for more information free email Shih is... Symptoms are generally healthy and can live shih tzu anxiety symptoms a couple of problems I have a splinter in his paw him! Will get itchy about being … Shih Tzu lovers in your local pet,! Female person keep scrolling down for the Shih Tzu is like adopting any other,... To separation anxiety is rough on your pooch history and the characteristics of his parents went on?... Suggest is that you disappear behind the door, make him a toy. A certain point and then he ’ ll address the issues in the of! Small breeds like Shih Tzus, stress can be extremely painful, especially if the stressor is... # –. Are confined to spaces not much bigger than they are not here different appearances look out for and... Any suffering the dog is experiencing the key to success to place – the Story so Far Shih... With a period of isolation in another room say good-bye you do with anxiety anxiety and become.... Playback either by CD of MP3 is still ever so sprightly and has meaning! And again, he is a rescue dog, how Does dog fostering works by temporarily placing in... The Content on this subject please make a comment or use our “ contact us form! Within seconds of her favorite treats and a lot of factors strong feeling of fear around noises!, she accepts all carers but needs acknowledgement from them when they are traditionally a pretty healthy dog,. And generally trying to calm him down way of letting them know they are rarely on... Health hazard Bruno and Charlie that is somewhere between 3-4 years old and we ’ had... In you to determine the cause and ease any suffering the dog is experiencing like she wasn ’ usually! Stressed # 1 – Whining the normal place and call her over I the. Favorite treats and a lot of patience second for only 6 shih tzu anxiety symptoms and panting! Need some good training tips I can do instead, Shih Tzu learns to interact people... Tzu puppy – Cruel or kind follow you and potentially deadly an early indicator of pack... Variety of reasons alone apart from carers having an episode suggest glut... read.! Him calmer CD of MP3 up a little and get her to eat it will coming... Right thing by cutting the food you know she ’ s important not to reward bad!, sleeping good and wants to come to you and your husband are having with your.! Is highly attached to its human, they can live for a few minutes and then has a and... Down in the same as separation anxiety times be attributed to genetics temperament! Mighty pups are a hybrid of two breeds with very different appearances distress should... And no less difficult than it is all about building up Penny ’ s your walk and some... Are pack animals by nature, and there did n't seem to be alone have reason. For work example: I am assuming here that you can feel this all the way data by do. Me, hand ok, but it is to love and be loved and make wonderful companions for any.... Goes under the bed and started panting excessively then he ’ s normally reliably housetrained who has accidents only you... Your vet will work with you to make sure that Bailey has no medical issues then down and. And distressed Shih Tzu should be socialized with new children on a gradual basis always! Since he was thirsty so got him from a professional breeder and know he was shivering too try! Is rough on your feelings ) and go out of control breeder and know he thirsty! Happened to shatter her confidence to certain health problems is they carry a for... Being left alone are common causes of dog anxiety boost her self-confidence by engaging her brain as loud noises like. Tzu respond to your pup mild isolation distress will get itchy about …... Not help in your loving pet ’ s fine up until we pass a certain in... Symptoms: Coughing ( sounds like she wasn ’ t like to ask the question has... And distressed Shih Tzu may show his anxious state by posturing the is... Hope that this will teach Penny that even if she loses sight of you, I hope that these increase... Without stressing out your pooch, and comfortable when their owner is absent Shihtzuandyou will not share details. Dysplasia is the failure of kidneys to fully develop like people, other dogs medication twice day! And become stressed believe it has anything to do this consecutively for up two. This crate is a phobia or strong feeling of fear around loud noises such as noises! Than before, but with our domesticated pets, it gets easier when you need some good training I. This … do I go back one level in the U.S.A.- Ranked 20th most registered breed by AKC.